About Aaron

I am a freelance editor, author, and hobbyist woodworker. My second novel, Gods of New Orleans, is available for Kindle pre-order now!

With nothing but horror behind her, Emma Farnsworth pilots the Airship Vigilance into the night sky outside of Chicago City on a one-way trip to New Orleans. She’s carrying precious cargo: her lover and four other strays that escaped the nightmare of gods and monsters on the shores of Lake Michigan. The trip hasn’t been anything like fun, but it’s been quiet. And for Emma’s money, quiet equals good. Good enough to think they might make it to New Orleans without a hitch.

Like the saying goes . . .

The good things come to a fast end. Emma and her traveling partners hit town and have all of two shakes to decide where to stand and who to stand with. Chicago City was a tough town, but they’re facing off against a whole new krewe of gods and monsters in the roiling climate of New Orleans.

How do you know when you’ve found the place where you belong? And how far will you go to protect what feels like home when all the signs are pointing you somewhere else?

I blog here at Dovetails about the writing craft as reflected in my woodworking projects. For more information on my editing services, please visit me at my website.

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