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I live in Davis, California, a little college town in the Central Valley, just west of the capital city. I’ve known about David De Cristoforo for quite a few years, having met his family through friends of friends in the late 1990s.

Since I got serious about woodworking, and have begun picking up tools and learning how to use them, I’ve been thinking about David and wondering if he was still making furniture and cabinetry. Turns out (bad pun, but I had to) he’s mostly turning wood these days. And producing some incredible pieces.

It also turns out, I’ve just learned, that his father is none other than R.J. De Cristoforo, long time contributor of articles on woodworking and tool use to Popular Science Magazine. My dad just gave me a copy of R.J.’s book, De Cristoforo’s Complete Book of Power Tools, and I’m paging through it like a kid with his first comic.

The De Cristoforos, father and son, are both writers and woodworkers. R.J. started his career as a poet and short story author, moving on to writing articles for Popular Science. David now keeps a regular blog going, and his son, I believe, also writes fiction as well as keeps his hands in the sawdust now and then.

And here I was, just this morning, wondering if being a writer and woodworker made any sense at all. Sometimes you never know what’s out there in the forest because you’re too busy looking at the trees.

About ajsikes

I am a freelance editor and author of speculative fiction in the dark/weird vein. My editing style is best described as nurturing. I treat each customer with the same respect and consideration regardless of the quality of their writing, and always aim my comments at helping writers improve and strengthen their work. For more information, please visit me at my website.
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2 Responses to Local resources

  1. ajsikes says:

    I’ve been reading David’s blog and finding a lot of interesting and helpful thoughts on the business side of things. Just read his post on Rubber Gorillas yesterday. Brilliant! 🙂 Now I know exactly what to do with all these little pieces of scrap I have around the place. Also just scored another of RJ’s books from a library book sale (courtesy of my parents, who attend those things monthly – and would go daily if they could!)

  2. I remember being very fond of David’s articles on the business or woodworking (and some woodworking tid-bits tossed in. He was running his custom cabinetry business at the time and often talked about the decline and his decision to try something different. It’s really good to know he’s making that work.

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