Unexpected journeys

Hi Everyone,

When I saw Colin’s post about the MWC, I knew I’d found what I needed for 2013 and, apocalypse or no, everything was going to be all right in the end.

2012 was a year of accomplishment, in some ways, and a year of profound disappointment and discouragement in many others. It was my first year as an unemployed stay-at-home dad, writer, woodworker, cook, gardener, household budget manager, Steampunk artist, and pro bono Managing Editor for a Steampunk website. I got a lot done, but not nearly enough that felt like ‘progress’ on my path to being a paid author.

I got one story accepted for publication with the promise of a single copy of the anthology when it finally gets printed. That was, or will be, my first ever print publication. It was a step. And it took me a year to take that step.

What I aim to achieve in 2013 is at least six more steps like that one. Except I’m looking for paid publications this time around. The MWC is my Rubicon. By putting the first word down today, I’m committed.

Whether I hit 1M or not is less of a concern than seeing my stories published. But having this group effort is going to keep me at this desk and focused on my writing.

Good luck everyone!

About ajsikes

I am a freelance editor and author of speculative fiction in the dark/weird vein. My editing style is best described as nurturing. I treat each customer with the same respect and consideration regardless of the quality of their writing, and always aim my comments at helping writers improve and strengthen their work. For more information, please visit me at my website.
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