Right, so I was nominated by fellow writer, Colin F. Barnes. I want to start by pointing you to Colin’s books. If you’re a fan of sci-fi or horror (not the blood and guts kind), you’ll enjoy his books. Artificial Evil: Book 1 of the Techxorcist, is a cyberpunk thrill ride. Heart for the Ravens is a Gothic horror novella that is beautifully written and haunting in all the right ways. Colin also runs Anachron Press, and their catalog is well worth looking into. The Pulp Line series is a lot of fun if you’re looking for some gritty, pulpy crime noir and the occasional thing that goes bump in the night.

So now, onward to the reveal. I give you eleven facts about me and answer eleven questions. First, the facts. Just the facts.

1. I began my adult life with the intention of being a military sniper.
2. At least once every year I spend a full day digging through dumpsters around town.
3. I make a killer rigo jáncsi (traditional Hungarian dessert).
4. I believe artists of all kinds are humanity’s greatest and least appreciated resource.
5. I have no faith in any religion.
6. I once walked 25 miles overnight, along with an entire regiment of infantry soldiers, and I would walk it again with any of those guys in a heartbeat.
7. My favorite dessert is crème brûlée.
8. In my 20s, I learned nearly all of Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos.
9. I have danced naked in the rain.
10. I have been cast in a novel: I’m zombie food.
11. I am deathly afraid of the sea.

Now the questions:

1. You could be one character in a TV show. Who would that be?

Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP, Cincinnati. I thoroughly loathe television, but if I had to pick one character, it would be Dr. Johnny – a laid back DJ at a small time radio station.

2. What is your strongest skill in writing?

Dialogue. Providing I have an intimate sense of who my characters are, I can easily imagine their voices, the tone and timbre, melody, the rhythm. From there, the things they say come rolling out without any effort from me.

3. What is your weakest?

Descriptive prose. I can’t help but read scenes I’ve written and feel like I’m in an episode of Dragnet. Just the facts. No lyricism, no poetry.

4. Other than writing, what else would you like to be known for?

Sculpting with wood and metal. I do small woodworking projects now and then, but often want to tackle a large project, some representative or abstract piece.

5. You could save the dolphins or tigers… which one?

Tigers. Dolphins are prey animals. Tigers are top line predators. Without top line predators, ecosystems dissolve as prey animals overpopulate and overconsume.

6. Who’s the weirdest person you’ve ever met?

Tom Waits. Nobody does weird like him. When I met him, of course, he was just being a guy in a bookstore. But in general I consider him the king of weird, and I mean that as a compliment.

7. Your most embarrassing public experience?
That time I did that thing in that place where those people were all gathered round to watch that other thing happen, but I did my thing and then they got distracted from their original purpose and watched me instead. The Queen still refuses to accept my apology.

8. If you could be proficient with one weapon, which would it be?

9. Which genre would you like to see disappear?

I have a hard time with questions like this. There’s the obligatory “Twilight” comment, but lacking omniscience I’m reluctant even to say that Twilight, as a genre unto itself, doesn’t deserve the paper it’s printed on, that trees, countless forests’ worth, were slain to provide pages to serve as vehicles for poorly written drivel and pap. Somewhere out there is a person who has or will read those books and others like them, and that person will be so outraged at the travesty suggested by such a volume of garbage being foisted on society that this hypothetical reader will undertake to write THE greatest story ever told and will succeed without using a single piece of glitter to attract the reader’s eye. And that book, that story will change the world in immeasurably beautiful ways. All because of Twilight being such an abomination.

10. You could take one book to an afterlife, what would it be?

Hogfather by Sir Terry Pratchett. Because if I’m going to be saddled with an afterlife, then I get to pick the cast and players. NO YOU DON’T. Oh, right then. Sorry. Carry on, um…sir. THANK YOU.

11. Remote cabin in the woods, or a city centre apartment?

Apartment. I need people around me to show me just how ridiculous people can be. Otherwise I’d be stuck only with the characters in my head, and I’m already more than familiar with their hijinks and shenanigans.


About ajsikes

I am a freelance editor and author of speculative fiction in the dark/weird vein. My editing style is best described as nurturing. I treat each customer with the same respect and consideration regardless of the quality of their writing, and always aim my comments at helping writers improve and strengthen their work. For more information, please visit me at my website.
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